Your homeownership companion

Education and resources to help manage your home and build wealth.

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Get smart about homeownership

Understand your local real estate market and take good care of your home

  • Get educated on all things real estate
  • Create a personalized home management plan
  • View local market trends

Keep your home in great shape

Learn how to maintain your home, and outsource stuff you don’t want to do.

  • Get a plan tailored to your home
  • Keep track of maintenance and repairs
  • Find qualified help when needed

Get help with repairs

When stuff breaks, fix it with help from local pros.

  • Connect with your agent’s top pros
  • Get bids and compare prices
  • Keep track of what’s done

Plan home improvements

See which projects will add the most value to your home.

  • Estimate home value increase from improvements
  • Get funding and hire contractors
  • View interior design ideas

Build wealth

Keep track of home finances and make smart decisions.

  • Estimate home value & equity
  • Optimize your mortgage
  • Track real estate trends

Move on when it’s time

The average homeownership tenure is about a decade.

  • Stay connected to your agent
  • Get expert advice along the way
  • Be ready when it’s time to move
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